Honor Bound

Honor bound is a tabletop card game. In which you anticipate your opponent's moves based on what class they are playing and what moves they've played recently. You can bluff your opponent for a chance to deal damage, or play it straight and gain bonuses to your damage next turn.

It's quick to play, easy to learn, and filled with strategy. Play Honor Bound Today!

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This is not a game of chance - plan carefully, play well and take fate out of the equation!


Honor Bound is a Print and Play strategy game, you'll need two dice, two small tokens, a printer, and some card stock. Also you'll need one other player and about 15 minutes to play!

What do you do?

In the game, you declare what attack you intend to use prior to revealing it. If you lie you might outwit your opponent, but if you tell the truth you gain Honor Points which will enable you to deal more damage later on! Do you dare risk dealing more damage at the risk of becoming predictable?

What's it about?

The game is about analyzing the state of play and using the knowledge to anticipate your opponent's moves. This cuts both ways: the abilities of the cards you select, your posture, your banter, and the content of your character all give your opponent insight into what your move may be - if you let it.

Art Credit and Free Rulebook

Henry Justice Ford

He illustrated many things, including a series fairy tale collections, many of those stories were the first English translations. It's from those stories that I pulled illustrations for all the cards, except the action cards.

Henry Clarke

He also illustrated many things, including an illustration for the Pit and the Pendulum. Unfortuantely I could not find the source of the illustration I used. The action card background is his work and it's as phenomenal as the rest of his work is.

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