Origin Story

Once a week (sometimes twice) I type a miniature essay on Facebook and as my finger hovers over the submit button I think, “No one will bother to read this.” So I make a bunch of edits and think, “Even less people will read this now.” And then I discard the draft and move on with my life.

Some time earlier in the week I had the following line of thinking: “Those thoughts and ideas still need to get out … and it would be nice to have a way to revisit them … I’m not particularly ashamed of my thoughts, just my overwrought way of talking/writing. Well, why not start a blog? They’re made for overwrought ways of expressing yourself!” So. Here we are.

I don’t particularly think anyone would actually read any of this. And that’s okay, I think. The truth is as open as I am in my day to day life I usually censor myself over an abundance of consideration for people’s time. And interest. And sanity. So even outside of Facebook there’s so much that goes unsaid.

Anyway, to sum up: Welcome to my Blog! I’ll be dumping my brain here. Read it or don’t read it.

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