About Me

I've always enjoyed being creative. These days I channel my passion for creation into games, puzzles and web development. I've come to enjoy the craft of designing and implementing things from which others can derive joy, surprise, or utility.

As a child, I'd make elaborate set pieces for my action figures out of cardboard, and I spent hudreds of hours making animations with my Gameboy Camera. One summer I read the TI-BASIC programming documentation in the back of the manual for my graphing calculator and fell in love with all things code.


Little Rock games

I co-founded Little Rock Games! We've made board games, digital games, and even interactive museum pieces. We love collaborating with local businesses, check us out at LittleRockgames.com

Honor Bound

I'm working on a game called Honor Bound. It's a game about bluffing and trying to anticipate your opponnent's bluffs, it's been "nearly finished" for years now, you might have played it at a conference! I've got big plans for the project soon, so stay tuned!