Robbie Hunt

Hi! I make games, puzzles, and interactive experiences!

Little Rock Games

I co-founded Little Rock Games! We make fun stuff in Central Arkansas.

Honor Bound

I'm working on a game called Honor Bound. It's a game about bluffing and trying to anticipate your opponnent's bluffs.


Coming Soon...

Mostly rambles about whatever creative pursuits I happen to be into.


This is a series of puzzles I'm working on. There's supplemental information in The Inventory. Enjoy!

Star Battle Puzzles

1 2 3

Drop Words

4 5 6

The Inventory

Here you'll find information that you may find necessary, useful, or otherwise of interest as you solve the puzzles I make.

Item #1 Inventory Item #1
Item #2 Inventory Item #2
Item #3 Inventory Item #3